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Exploring my inner dapper young gent.

So this is me trying out boystyle. I think its a pretty good attempt considering I thought Id look stupid in it.Anyone care to comment?

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Looks good, cute tie. Of course, you'd look as good without it on too.
Any particular event in mind for said outfit?
And you are allowed to smile for pictures, mkay? :)

Japanese tie so of course its awesome.No event just trying out a look. I wasnt smiling because I was trying to look butch or something more like bratty youth from along time ago.

I dont really like my teeth so I dont smile in pictures lot. The art gallery guy caught me in some candids that I dont think look too terrible though.


Totally understand on the teeth issue. I guess I've just learned to smile without showing the pearly whites, so more of a grin or smirk I guess.
And I understand the butch concept, even if you're about as menacing as a poodle.

Mommy likes.

sorry did that sound wrong?


You are so adorable! Are those the same falls/extension things you had at AX?

Yeah but they look better now for some reson. They were still really new then. I think theyve had time to settle or something.

you look awesome! not stupid at all :p
very cute and stylish~

Thanks!! I loved your Candyland outfit. It pushed me to try and see if I could pull it off.

Cute! And I always love hats.

Cause theyre awesome! :)

You look very fancy-- I approve :]
(and I also LOVE how you've matched your falls to the rest of your outfit. It looks amazing.)

Fancy :) Thanks!I have to find somewhere to actually wear this to. That was the first time of me putting it on and all we did was go to a mall.

Yay you like the matchy hair someone on loli_geeks said my hair was throwing off the look and I should have more boyish hair.

Ahaha, I hate when that happens. I waste all my cute outfits on trips to class and the like.

Hm, I can see where she may have been coming from but I disagree. Just because falls aren't a *perfect boyish style* doesn't mean they can't work with the outfit, and I kind of think they look better than manly hair would have :]


Course I'd add a few brass and/or silver acoutrements to steampunkit up a lil' bit, but girls always have better outfits. *nod*

Edited at 2009-09-15 09:43 pm (UTC)

You definitely look dapper! I always love your outfits; you're great at coordinating! All the pieces look fantastic together; love that tie, jacket and hat! ^_^

Thanks! I found the short pants at a little shop by my house and the rest of it I already owned. I just happened to have that jacket with me in case it got chilly like in SanFran and I think the outfit wouldnt have worked without it.

So yeah you and me at the hellokitty/tokidoki party the 24th right?Im thinking Ill used it as an excuse to where my "I finally quit my job" present to myself. I got a march of the ducks full set with socks jsk and headbow in blue. If I wanna make it party aproprite I can maybe match it with my tokidoki hoodie and my hello kitty purse and necklace. I have to wait till it gets here then I can see if it matches the hoodie at all at all. It might be too greenish.

You bet! ^_^ Do you mind if I ask if a couple of my buddies want to come with?

And awwww, March of the Ducks!!! So cute, I can't wait to see you in it. :) I'm sure you'll figure something out for the Hello Kitty thing. You're good at that!

invite all you like :) Ive bearly met any of your friends.

Holy cow, but you look freakin' fantastic! My style sense and fifty cents will get you a can of soda, but wow, amazing!

You have some serious talent, methinks!


Thanks :)

I notice from looking at your LJ that you enjoy pretty men, slash fiction, and I think I saw a QAF icon in there too. *friends back*

So of course from now on I shall be reading you fic and telling you how hot it is. I dont really bring much to the table except for occasional pictures from conventions and minor squeeing if anything cool happended there.

I'm not sure what I bring either! A whole lot of nothing going on 'round these parts, sad to say.

But mutual appreciation of lovely men, slash and QAF is a helluva lot to start with.


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