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The Saints! Are comin.
 You dont even know.

Now I must go to work and somehow be normal today after the absolute magic that was last night.

EDIT: NEW PIC: Really bad lighting outside and I wish I wasnt doing that with my face but at least I have proof of us doing Jameson shots together.

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you look really pretty!

Thanks:) Thats my "Im at a hollywood party" look. lol except instead of heels I was wearing my Montreal cork bottom boots.Cause its still me.

You know, we've experienced some pretty epic things, so you're eventually going to have to explain all this...

It would need to be on the phone so you could hear the level of squee.

OMG, you lucky lucky girl ; 3; pure jealousy here!!
You look really pretty! I demand a recap of awesome-night-ness!

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