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Anyone need cheering up?

Cause this totally worked for me.
School is lame. WHY DID I GO BACK????????????

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Sorry school is lame. But this is video Prozac - I guarantee it. wildeagain showed it to me at the weekend when I was all OMG I HATE EVERYTHING and within, like, two minutes I'd forgotten what I was upset about.

Also, I don't want to get a rep as The Girl Who Randomly Shows Up And Links Weird Unicorn Stuff too late but this never fails to make me smile. Because whatever is wrong with my life, at least I don't have a racist unicorn tatoo ♥.

OMG what???
Yep that one is pretty metal...
..why is it killing babies?
*stare* Its peeing a cupcake!?!
Why would a man have a tatt like that?? I get that theyre "doing it" but its rainbowy...
Are we hugging or trying to have sex with the dolphin???
Im sorry is that nazi unicorn on an ass??? Did he pass out and wake up with that?
Penis horn? Really? Someone did that on purpose?
What the hell???

Ok not only do I not remember what was upsetting me. Im not sure what I was doing or what Im supossed to be doing now.

'Tis the *throws glitter* power of the unicorn. I'm sure somewhere I have a pink bondage unicorn bookmarked for just such an occasion... oh yes, here it is!

!!!!!!!!!!Wow I think I just hurt myself laughing. My favorite are his paws hoof hands and angry face. *dies*

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