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Exploring my inner dapper young gent.

So this is me trying out boystyle. I think its a pretty good attempt considering I thought Id look stupid in it.Anyone care to comment?

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Looks good, cute tie. Of course, you'd look as good without it on too.
Any particular event in mind for said outfit?
And you are allowed to smile for pictures, mkay? :)

Japanese tie so of course its awesome.No event just trying out a look. I wasnt smiling because I was trying to look butch or something more like bratty youth from along time ago.

I dont really like my teeth so I dont smile in pictures lot. The art gallery guy caught me in some candids that I dont think look too terrible though.


Totally understand on the teeth issue. I guess I've just learned to smile without showing the pearly whites, so more of a grin or smirk I guess.
And I understand the butch concept, even if you're about as menacing as a poodle.

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