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Exploring my inner dapper young gent.

So this is me trying out boystyle. I think its a pretty good attempt considering I thought Id look stupid in it.Anyone care to comment?

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Fancy :) Thanks!I have to find somewhere to actually wear this to. That was the first time of me putting it on and all we did was go to a mall.

Yay you like the matchy hair someone on loli_geeks said my hair was throwing off the look and I should have more boyish hair.

Ahaha, I hate when that happens. I waste all my cute outfits on trips to class and the like.

Hm, I can see where she may have been coming from but I disagree. Just because falls aren't a *perfect boyish style* doesn't mean they can't work with the outfit, and I kind of think they look better than manly hair would have :]

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