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Exploring my inner dapper young gent.

So this is me trying out boystyle. I think its a pretty good attempt considering I thought Id look stupid in it.Anyone care to comment?

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You definitely look dapper! I always love your outfits; you're great at coordinating! All the pieces look fantastic together; love that tie, jacket and hat! ^_^

Thanks! I found the short pants at a little shop by my house and the rest of it I already owned. I just happened to have that jacket with me in case it got chilly like in SanFran and I think the outfit wouldnt have worked without it.

So yeah you and me at the hellokitty/tokidoki party the 24th right?Im thinking Ill used it as an excuse to where my "I finally quit my job" present to myself. I got a march of the ducks full set with socks jsk and headbow in blue. If I wanna make it party aproprite I can maybe match it with my tokidoki hoodie and my hello kitty purse and necklace. I have to wait till it gets here then I can see if it matches the hoodie at all at all. It might be too greenish.

You bet! ^_^ Do you mind if I ask if a couple of my buddies want to come with?

And awwww, March of the Ducks!!! So cute, I can't wait to see you in it. :) I'm sure you'll figure something out for the Hello Kitty thing. You're good at that!

invite all you like :) Ive bearly met any of your friends.

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