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Exploring my inner dapper young gent.

So this is me trying out boystyle. I think its a pretty good attempt considering I thought Id look stupid in it.Anyone care to comment?

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Holy cow, but you look freakin' fantastic! My style sense and fifty cents will get you a can of soda, but wow, amazing!

You have some serious talent, methinks!


Thanks :)

I notice from looking at your LJ that you enjoy pretty men, slash fiction, and I think I saw a QAF icon in there too. *friends back*

So of course from now on I shall be reading you fic and telling you how hot it is. I dont really bring much to the table except for occasional pictures from conventions and minor squeeing if anything cool happended there.

I'm not sure what I bring either! A whole lot of nothing going on 'round these parts, sad to say.

But mutual appreciation of lovely men, slash and QAF is a helluva lot to start with.


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